The gallery and residence was designed to showcase late 19th, early 20th century western art created by such artists as Charlie Russell, Joseph Henry Sharp, O. C. Seltzer, and the Taos Founders. The Old West paintings blended with the architecture and natural setting create the atmosphere and ambiance of the Old West while delivering modern comforts.

Buffalo skins, Old West mounts of buffalo, longhorn, wolf, bear, paintings, exquisite bronzes and other Old West artifacts await you at the "Monarch of the Plains Gallery".

Image by Steven Beigleitier

Your host will be John Howard. A Montana native, John and his family have been immersed in Montana history and lore for over 50 years. His family was involved with the Bovey's in their restoration of Virginia City (Montana's second territorial capital) and was one of the founding members in the creation of the Charles M. Russell Museum and the Trigg Collection, in his hometown of Great Falls, Montana.

The combination of historical art, the natural beauty of the area, and John’s hospitality makes a visit to the gallery a very memorable experience.
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Image by Steven Beigleitier

Gallery showings by appointment only.